Our collection has grown from craft show finds to thousands of designs handpicked by our buying team, who search all year for unique goods from around the world. We also discover unique pieces through online submissions from our community of artists and designers. Thanks to our in-house product development team, we create our own goods, too.

Every design we carry incorporates elements of creativity. We look for goods that:

Serve a purpose

Solve a problem

Stun us with their beauty

Are handmade with exceptional craft and skill

Use unusual, reclaimed, or recycled materials

Are made without leather, feathers, or fur

Make us wonder, “Why hasn’t anyone thought of this before?”

The story behind a product matters to us. We want to know how it’s made, who’s making it, and the process that leads to the finished design. From potters to painters to jewelry artists to craftspeople of all kinds, we’ve worked with hundreds of makers over the years. We’re proud to offer independent designers a place to showcase their work.