There are lots of toys out there that surfers are interested, and many of them come out of the price range for your average prize. The surfboard can run more than $ 1000 and diving clothes can run as much as $ 600. To make it easier to produce gift ideas, we have bought this extraordinary and affordable short gift list for surfers.

Change mat / bag

Caring for your wetsuit is important, and when entering and out of your suit, it’s easy to speed up the inevitable wear process. Using a changing mat you can protect the soft neoprene from the wetsuit from the sidewalk, gravel, and other rough surfaces. As a bonus, once you get out of your wetsuit, you can avoid it and it becomes a waterproof bag.

Traction pad

Traction Pad

Padsan traction is used on the tail of the surfboard (usually short boards) to increase the handle and allow more extreme maneuvers. They are not easily interchangeable so I will make sure the person you get it has a new board without traction pad or getting a new board soon. Not every surfer uses traction pads, but if they do it and they buy a lot of surfboard, they will definitely find it as a good gift.


Every surfers need a rope, or two. At least one for each board is a minimum. What many surfers do not have is a backup rope. If the surfing is good, and the surf shop is closed, your rope can break, and you will find yourself scrambling to find the old rope or friend to borrow one. Get them a new rope as a backup and they will be beaten. From the channel islands, FCS, and our hotline has a variety of seures waves for each surfer.



The water is not always cold enough to need a bootier, but if it’s, they are a surfing of invaluable. Your feet are in water more than your body parts, and therefore they become coldest. Even if you don’t mind the cold as cold as ice and numb slowly, when you can’t feel your feet, session. It’s like surfing on the stage. Look at our top 5 surf booties for a brief overview of our best-selling surf shoes.


A little less common than the booties are gloves. Some surfers like them and some don’t. What I found even people who don’t, and won’t buy gloves still complain about their hands cool. On very cold days, maybe less than 25 days a year, if the waves are good, you want to feel comfortable. These little people will keep your hands warm, make your wave session much better. Get surfarges from Patagonia, Rip Curl, O’Neill, Quiksilver, and more.

Surfing package

Surf Pack

Surfers have many equipment (mostly registered on this page), and they need a place to put it. Especially if they use wetsuit. For those who like to explore a further location, sometimes you have to climb, and bring wet diving clothes to and from the beach are not pleasant for anyone. When you ride the hill, you soak wet, cold, and tired. We have various bags from FCS, Dakine, Channel Islands, Oakley, Patagonia, NRS, and moreover at our online store. Be sure to check out our reviews about 7 of the best surf packages for further recommendations.

Candle and candle accessories

Waxevery Surfer needs a candle, and there are several other accessories that are used and some don’t like the pickle candle remover or just a usual candle comb, but it’s colorful to get the most out of your waves. It all prepares amazing stockings that are guaranteed to be used. Make sure you get the right candle for their water temperature and they will be beaten!

Change poncho

Changing Poncho

The changing poncho is a piece of gear that is useful for making changes in and out of Wetsuit a little more discrete and much more towels than towels. It becomes more and more popular because they are affordable and very comfortable to wear. They are also multi-purpose, poncho that changes easily multiply as a bathrobe or as part of the next Halloween wizard costume. This is a pretty much prize surfer to be used and appreciate.

Glue Wetsuit

Not everyone might know how to use these items, but it is very good for patching old leaked wetsuit. If you want to get maximum results, this can delay buy a new suit based on the moon and it’s a small part of the cost. Even if you can send your coat to warranty, sometimes it’s not worth the wait. If you have wetsuit glue in your hand you will return to the water the next day and don’t need to pay to send a lawsuit for repairs.

Board Sobat

Board Buddy

Bring a 10-foot long board can be tiring. That’s where the Board’s friends enter. If you have surfers who complain about the board they are too heavy, or too difficult to reach their arms, this is a gift for them. Careful. Get it for veteran surfers and they might be offended because many people don’t mind carrying large boards and maybe their ego. On the other hand, it can be a great joke gift!

Tie the rope

This is very important if you have a car, van, or SUV. Easily use a soft cinch strap that will hold your valuable surfboard. This rope works well to secure many other things too, so when you don’t use it for your surfing, you can use it to move your friend’s sofa. Super durable, all weather, durable, and affordable. Every surfer with a vehicle requires this series.

Rack Pads

Rack Pads

Protect your roof, and protect your board with this sturdy All-Weather Pad. Good for surfboards, but it will work for whatever you want to throw onto your roof. It comes in a set of two, so you have one for the front shelf and one for the back. If you put a lot of boards in your car, you might want to get two sets.