Christmas is a great time to show your loved ones that you’re giving them extraordinary gifts and thoughtful. You will find discounts, offers and innovative gift options throughout the Christmas season to shower gifts and items on family and friends.

However, sometimes it can be tricky to find the perfect gift that you know a friend or family member will love.

For example, what would you want to gift a golf lover? Or someone obsessed with football? Finding a unique gift for lovers of the sport can be a challenge. Let’s look at seven Christmas gift ideas for sports fans that will help you in buying the perfect gift for any lover of the sport.

Chiller golf ball-shaped whiskey

Chiller golf ball-shaped whiskey is an interesting Christmas gift for golf lovers, especially if they enjoy a very cold whiskey. Shaped golf ball is very nice to cool sipping whiskey you with the right temperature. The traditional way to cool whiskey by adding ice cubes may help make your whiskey cooler but your whiskey slowly gets diluted as the ice melts. Cooling the golf ball may appear on any glasses for all kinds of drinks that are meant to be served cold. Remember to freeze coolant golf ball for four hours before bring them into the glass.

DVD best cricket match

DVDs of Best Cricket Matches

Each Avid cricket fan would love to receive DVD historic cricket match. This is a great Christmas gift for cricket lovers who want to come back to life with a spectacular match years passed. It also will help the cricket lovers who wish to pursue a Professional Cricket to learn of the unique tricks and techniques used by their favorite cricket players. DVD is also great to watch for a get-together with friends and family who are also avid cricket fan and excellent bonding opportunity.

Hockey Stick BBQ Set

What to buy for the avid hockey fan? What’s better than a hockey stick BBQ set with a bottle opener, fork and tongs? It is a perfect gift for hockey lovers because this BBQ set made from hockey sticks that dikularkan which makes it a very special gift. This is a perfect Christmas gift for hockey fans who also love a good barbeque. They will be able to cook a burger or BBQ ribs while indulging their love of hockey at the same time!

Basketball Mug

Basketball Mug

Mug Basketball is an interesting Christmas gift for basketball fans who also like a cup of coffee or hot chocolate. There are some cool basketball mugs out there, including some super fun designs even come with a circle. This means basketball fans can throw a marshmallow into a hoop that would eventually landed into hot cocoa or coffee.

This is a perfect Christmas gift for children and adolescents who can play with their food while enjoying their hot cocoa. You can also enjoy your favorite cereal in a cup basketball fun where players can slam their cereals into milk or even throw breadcrumbs into the hot soup – the possibilities are endless!

Table Tennis Fold

Table tennis can be folded is a memorable Christmas gift for fans of table tennis. Because folded, the friendly travel and do for holiday weekends, holidays, and even a sports-themed party. This is great for use during family get-togethers to spoil fun and healthy competition and easily stored.

You can also use this thoughtful gift for a tournament at home and is suitable for talented for table tennis enthusiasts of all ages. Find the light table can be easily folded by one person and legs can be adjusted to improve disability. Table tennis fan would definitely be happy and excited to accept this as a Christmas gift.



Watching sports directly at a stadium is an interesting experience that cannot be compared to watching sports on your television at home. However, watching sports in a direct match can be a little annoying if you sit far and can only see small numbers running around the field. A sports lover will be happy to receive a nice pair of binoculars as a Christmas gift that will help them look at their favorite sports without tensing their eyes. Binoculars are great for watching football, baseball, cricket, soccer, tennis, rugby, motorbike racing and many other sports.

Snow ski rack

Snow ski wine rack is an interesting and cool way for winter sports fans to display their favorite wine bottles at home. You will find some cool wine rack designs that use old skies as a base wine rack. This makes it a very unique and exciting Christmas gift for snow ski lovers.