If you know the boxing fan, then you can be interested in finding their gifts related to sports. There are various things available but you can find something a little more original or typical. Therefore, we have collected a gift list, which we think can affect you in your choice, which we believe will appeal to people who like boxing. Hopefully, you will be able to find something you like and what you think will be suitable for them. We have tried to cover various items and prices, so please there will be something helpful.

Boxing blow bag free standing

This is a free standing boxing punch bag. This is useful because it doesn’t need to be hung from the ceiling and therefore it’s not difficult to repair and it’s easy to get out of the way after finishing with. It has a basic tank with a strong suction cup and can be filled with sand, but it is designed to make it easy to move when needed. It has a stainless steel stand tube with the surface of PU skin thinking which thickened 2mm.

Boxing Reflex Ball

Boxing Reflex Ball

This is a special reflex ball for boxing training. This is a headband with a hanging ball from it and the idea is to keep your reflexes sharp by hitting the ball. The ball is light and soft but allows you to practice even when you can’t get to the gym. This can help reduce stress, train the heart, increase reflexes and hand / eye coordination for anyone, even if they are not a fan fan.

Punching leather kick palm pad

This is a palm bearing for punching or kicking. They are made of durable PU leather and padded with high potential foam. They provide protection and shock absorption make it good for training for martial arts and kick boxing. They are suitable for heavy battering and kicker and you get two gloves with orders. They come in a choice of red, white and black or black and white, so you can find the most suitable recipient.


Boxing Fitness Hand Wraps

This is a hand wrapping training for boxers. They come in black, blue, white or black and they are made by Adidas. They are made of 100% woven ribbons stretching with the attached thumb. They are charged under gloves to provide additional protection for hands. They have a closure of 5cm and closure loops on them and suitable for men or women to use, because they come in various sizes of 255cm and 450cm.

Gritin skipping rope

This is a gritin skipping strap with a high-quality steel core covered with PVC. It is possible to adjust the length, which means it can be installed to size. It has a soft sponge handle which is a memory foam, so it is comfortable to use, even if it is used for a long period of time but also does not slip. This is 3 meters long and black and green.

Leather boxing gloves

Leather Boxing Gloves

This is a pair of synthetic leather gloves made by Gomax. They come with black, black & white, blue, blue & white and yellow. They come in size – 6oz, 8oz, 10oz, 12oz, 14oz and 16oz. They are designed to survive without wearing or splitting and giving shock absorption and protection. It has a Velcro wrist strap, so they can be installed quickly and safely.

Elite coach: interactive fitness, boxing

This is a special elite coach. This is an interactive boxing system and gym house. It provides high interval training with Mitt 3D Mitt and sparring. This means that you can stay fit and have fun at the same time. You will also learn striking techniques and you can choose different rounds and types of training, levels of duration and skills. Even giving real feedback and tracking progress to encourage and motivate.

Farabi boxing gloves

Farabi Boxing Gloves Kids

This is a pair of foldi boxing gloves in child size. They are pink with black stars on them and are made of imitation leather with Velcro wrist bands to keep them safely. They are 4 oz and designed for training. The size is suitable for children aged around 4 years. They are fun to use and will maintain children’s safety when they practice. They come with free shipping.

Warst Gear Gear Guard

This is an oral channel that can be used for boxing. It is important to use someone to protect teeth and prevent the tongue from being bitten. It has its own mold technology to ensure that it provides special fit and this can be easily done at home. It is also equipped with a free sterile case, so you can stay clean when it’s not used and protected well.

Head for boxing training

Headguard for Boxing Training

This is the principal to be used during boxing training. It was tender and provided protection for heads, cheeks and ears. It is suitable for martial arts and use of boxing. It is available in small, medium, large and extra large sizes. It has a shock absorbent padding and is designed to keep the head and dry face and sweat free. There is a hook installation and loop to make it easy to get a safe fit and to delete it quickly if necessary.