Towards your brain for exceptional gift ideas for badminton lovers in your life and fall short?
That’s why we ask for help from real experts. Reaching 23 career peak in the world’s badminton ranking and representing Ireland three times at the Olympics.
You still have time, so this list must prevent you from roaming around the shops without purpose on Christmas Eve.

Salming badminton shoes

According to Scott, not only salement shoes were built for high-performance players, they also incredible value. Light, soft and made with stability in mind, this kick makes a good gift. We especially like Viper 5 models for men and ‘Hawk’ options that are equally interesting for women.

Phantom Helix Bucinton Rocet

Ashaway Phantom Helix Badminton Racket

Helix Phantom is a new performance frame by Ashaway which balances strength and forgiveness. Suitable for amateur top for professional players, if the goal is a fairly large powerless power added, this racket will be a solid choice.
Weight: 85g.
Balance: 288mm.
Flexibility: Being rigid
Frame: high modulus carbon graphite 40 tons

Lululemon active jacket

If you read this list, it’s safe to say that you shop for someone with an active lifestyle. Why not consider a very flexible gift? ‘Active Jacket’ from Lululemon checks a group of boxes: enough style to wear in court, designed to be used while playing sports and in accordance with limited clothing codes in several rural clubs. If you are a fan of this idea but shop for women, you are lucky! Lululemon Stocks items are comparable for women.

Thorlo Socks

Thorlo socks

Here in Epirus, we are Thorlo Superfans. Socks are very soft, comfortable and durable. Bearings are added to all vital places. Blister prevention strategies two socks are not necessary with the socks made well. Needless to say, the prize receiver will greatly appreciate the performance of their Torlo Socks at the end of a long training session.

YONEX AS-50 Feather Shuttlecock

Why not bring up premium hair shuttlecock arms into your favorite badminton stocking player? Used in all the top international tournaments, YONEX AS-50 birds have unmatched endurance and flight consistency. Just like opening tennis ball cans, something is a bit magical about the first attack of the neat shuttlecock …

Stylish badminton racket bag that works both inside and outside the court by Epirus

Stylish badminton racket bags that work both on and off the court by Epirus

If you really want to be impressive, then this is the ‘unique and wise gift’ you are looking for. The epirus racket collection allows a smooth transition from the badminton court, to work, to the gym and exit for a stylish dinner. If the person you bought to live a busy and active life, an epirus bag will be a gift for them.
There are 6 styles to choose from: Unlimited backpacks have a modern and slim form that distinguishes it from the choice of sportier on the market. Badminton and Yoga fans will lean towards the transition tote that displays a removable yoga strap that holds the mat onto the bag.
24-hour bags are designed with everyday yards and are large enough to elegantly store all the essence of badminton without the advantages of bulk. Weekend bags are present in 2 sizes and are designed to integrate businesses, badminton and travel. Domumis backpack has dimensions similar to weekend bags but more casual atheleisure nuances. All bags in the signature collection are made with Italian canvas and calf skin and bring at least 3+ badminton rackets and your laptops and work equipment.
Scott is a fan of the middle weekend bag that he used for everything starting from daily training, fitness session, to bring his racket on the plane because he traveled the world on a pro tour.

Tickets to Yonex All England Badminton Championships

Prefer to go gift route experience? Why not buy a ticket to the All England Badminton Championship which will be held in the spring of 2020? With the heritage of legacy back 1898, Yonex All England was held at the highest price as the oldest and one of the most prestigious badminton events in the world. This tournament is only one of the three top-tier tournaments held every year by the Federation of the World Badminton. Tickets start at only £ 15 (GBP) per session.

Handmade Shuttlecock Keychain

Handmade shuttlecock keychain

Full disclosure – this item was not shown to us by Scott. However, when we saw a color dinner hanger hangers, we knew that they would appeal some badminton players out there. Made in three sizes – small, medium and big – this is another stuffer competitor stocking.

Personalized S’well Water Bottle

S’well isolated water bottles have been in our bag long enough. We like the environmentally aware aspects of products and slim design and high-quality fabrication. Now they make better gifts by offering personalized services. Select the size, color, and text on the bottle to adjust the prize comprehensively.

High sports towels from Lululemon

Elevated sports towel from Lululemon

The only thing that is worse than forgetting your towel in the badminton court is to use a big, unsightly seen that has seen a better day. Upgrade? Compact high-tech towels from Lululemon. Offered in 3 colors and made of absorbent microfibre, this towel falls into a practical gift category that you won’t buy automatically for yourself but is highly appreciated.