Buying gifts for serious tennis fans can be tough – between technical challenges choosing the equipment they will love and fear to be the fifth person of the season to bestow their dense ribbons or old toris tennis balls, it’s easy to master. Worry no! We have explored the Internet for the funniest, coolest, and most creative gifts made specifically for tennis fans. Shop here for some of our favorites.

Personalized tennis balls

Personalised Tennis Balls

Add some extra flare to their game with personalized tennis balls.

Style-style life: tennis

Tennis and fashion have a long history and intertwined, from René “The Crocodile” Lacoste to modern style stars like Serena Williams, let this beautiful coffee table book function as an inspiration for your favorite fashionable player.

Tennis (Hard Court) Wool Bags

Tennis (Hard Court) Duffle Bag

You will never lose the trace of all your equipment with this interesting sporty bag.

Golden Retriever with Ball-All Pouch Tennis

This adorable bag can function as a constant reminder of your favorite Ball Boy.

Print tennis game art

Tennis Game Art PrintWhen you want to show off your love with the game without being too literal, the artist’s abstract mold is just a ticket.

Served with straight napkins, set 50

When doubtful, everyone likes funny cocktail napkins.

Tennis racket necklace

Tennis Racket Necklace

Bring a little luster on their game with a strange 18k gold necklace featuring baguette and round diamonds.

Aarons slim, tennis in the Bahamas

For tennis lovers who are also experts decoration, you cannot be wrong with classic photos by Aarons Slim.

V-neck tennis dress performance

Performance V-Neck Tennis DressTennis dresses are so chic you can wear it into a cocktail after a few hours in court is too good to miss. This is a classic preppy that will never look dated.

Clare V. Ball Tennis Wallpaper Removable

Whether you will go for a cool art or pop art, this tennis ball print wallpaper must function.

Exercise dress

The Exercise Dress

The exercise dress boasts the following sect for a reason. Between cutting a fine a-line oh-so flattering, to the shorts built and the rack bra that supports, it’s really a gift that keeps giving. It can be worn and outside the field and we suspect so they have one, they will want to have a style on every shade.

Chocolate tennis ball

Post-match treats themed perfectly? Popping opens this white chocolate and milk tennis can.

Tennis Sneaker Zerøgrand Winner

ZERØGRAND Winner Tennis Sneaker

If after some sleuthing carefully you find that they need a new pair of shoes to be used in court, then this by Cole Haan makes a great choice. Supports, breathe, and chewy. They will keep you run around the court in style.

Tote Tennis Stripy Sporty, White

Increase their court style with this personalized tennis bag. It is equipped with a lower shoe compartment to settle sneakers (or shoes for post-match packages, maybe). Plus, nylon material makes this bag easy to clean.

Wilson Ultra 100 V3 Naked Tennis Rackets

If you are going to splurge and give them with a new pro-caliber racket, the sustainable choice by Wilson makes an extraordinary surprise. Made without paint, dyes, or plastic single use, this is a purchase that you can feel well. Bonus: Wilson has entered a partnership with Tentree to plant 2500 trees for each racket sold, so that purchases really have a positive impact on the environment.